Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Non-Bollywood cinema from Maharashtra

Apparently not everything is song and dance. The Beeb has a feature on Marathi-language films that deal with the gritty issues of rural hardship and farmer suicides in Maharashtra, especially the Vidarbha region. Apparently locally-themed films, in local languages, exposing local problems, do have a market. We have all been reading about Vidarbha's problems (and similar problems in Andhra Pradesh and many other places) for a while now, though few of us have actually seen it for ourselves. Hopefully such films will raise awareness.

(I know, these days, suggesting that it is a good idea to support the local language wins you accusations from eminent scientist bloggers of being a Shiv Sena fellow-traveller. So be it.)

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Jai_C said...

Hi RahulS,

I occasionally read your blog. Somewhere downstream in the links from the links off this post, I picked up what I quoted on Dilip's blog about Bombay/ Mumbai.

It was probably the other Rahul, RahulB (mirror image of SS something he said) and I picked up that you were on his side of this.

I could be wrong, dont have the history of what was being discussed there, and didnt mean it to be a big thing anyway. If youre upset I could dig into this again, but I dont really want to.

Do you want me to retract or something?