Monday, May 05, 2008

Old post revisited

Someone left a comment on an ancient (November 2006) post of mine, so I went and re-read what I had written. While the immediate provocation was a newspaper article by a well-known scientist, a lot of what I wrote seems rather topical in the context of two recent posts (1, 2) by Rahul Basu (and discussion therein) (*).

(*)UPDATE: and one at Sunil Mukhi's.


gaddeswarup said...

There is another article in 'Current Science' by Kartikay Pandey. I have my own guesses about certain areas I am familiar with but I wo'nt repeat them. What is striking to me about all these articles is lack of data. How many scientists from which period, number of publications, some measure of their worth etc. It is possible that very big names may be missing in some areas but over all, the number of scientists, their output and overall worth (by some standard measures like citations) etc. must have increased. I remember seeing such articles some years ago while trying to find about institution building by Bhabha and Meghnath Saha.
Coming to economics related areas, in the paper "Data and Dogma: The Great Indian Poverty Debate", Angus Deaton is quite laudatory (in passing, no empirics) about Indian researchers.

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