Monday, May 12, 2008

News you won't see in The Hindu

Nandigram today.


Sunil Mukhi said...

It's true you won't see this in the Hindu, but it's sad that one has to go to a squalid place like rediff to see it. The article is predictably shoddy - the link you provided talks about Mr Ansari of Gujarat riots fame for absolutely no good reason. And the rest of the article linked from there is just a hatchet job on the CPM followed by a bunch of rabid comments from the usual illiterates who patronise rediff. Does journalism need to be so openly motivated and personalised?

That of course doesn't mean the story isn't true or relevant. I'm certainly among those who were shocked and outraged by the CPM's brutality in Nandigram.

Still - can't help feeling that if were running Nandigram, it would probably not be a better place!

Rahul Siddharthan said...

Sunil -- yes, Rediff is rather shoddy but at least they're reporting from the scene. The Ansari comment is sensationalism, but their comments on what CPI(M) cadres are doing mirrors what I've read elsewhere.

As for the comments, the less said the better, but I don't see much difference on other Indian news sites (the ones who allow comments).