Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not for children

Suppose you're a pop star. People (well, some people) have been enjoying your music since the 1970s. But you're not just for the grey-haired or balding. It turns out toddlers like your music too. One mother videotapes her toddler dancing to your music, and posts a 29-second clip on YouTube. What's your reaction?

If you're Prince (formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince), you file a demand, under the DMCA, that YouTube take down the clip. You see, your rights as an artist (even one formerly known as Prince) are being violated if people can hear 29 seconds your music as background to a video of a dancing toddler. "It's simply a matter of principle," says a Universal Music spokesman defending Prince.

The song was "Let's go crazy."

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Jay said...

It is strange that Prince did such a thing, who used to despise the contracts set by record companies on artists. Also, given the fact that he gave away his latest album for free with newspaper!