Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ego boost, courtesy Google

It appears that Google has been fiddling with their algorithms again, and one result is that the The Washington Post has been dramatically demoted, from a "page rank" of 7 to a page rank of 5.

The Google Toolbar lets you see the page ranks of sites that you visit, and the opinion page of the WashPo has an even lower page-rank: just 4. Which, as it happens, is also the page rank of the blog that you are now reading.

So my humble abode is, in Google's estimation, as important as The Washington Post's opinion page. And my work web page has a page rank of 5: more important than the WashPo's opinion page.

(Um... actually, their opinion articles are written by people like Charles Krauthammer and Robert Novak. So perhaps I shouldn't be too flattered.)

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Abi said...

But look at it this way: you don't sell text links (which, apparently, was WaPo's sin). Your PR can only go up.

Beating -- or even the prospect of beating -- Robert Novak and Charles Krauthammer on PR should be a sweet feeling!

Can you believe MSNBC is actually ranked higher than NYTimes and FT? Amazing.