Friday, April 13, 2007

I'd rather eat a mango than ride a Harley

One of the dumber ad-lines I've seen was this sticker: "I'd rather push a Harley than ride a Honda." It conjured this mental image of a fat, hairy 60-year-old pushing his lonely Harley on the highway as the Hondas whiz past him.

I've always wondered, also, why mangoes in the US are so crummy. They tend to come from South America or Africa, but whatever their provenance, they're all the same -- big, green-red skin, hard yellow-white flesh, and quite tasteless. And they cost two dollars apiece.

Well, apparently we're doing a deal with the US. They get our mangoes, and we get their Harleys. We've even relaxed emission norms for the Harleys, to Euro III (other bikes must satisfy Euro IV).

I suppose it's a win for producers -- a mango farmer would rather export his produce than see it rot in a glutted market -- but as a consumer, it leaves me a bit dissatisfied. I mean, we already have Hondas. And they don't need to be pushed.


Anonymous said...

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km said...

Wouldn't you rather eat a mango AND ride a Harley?

//And someone please tell Spammer Raghu that he's getting awfully repetitive.

Rahul Siddharthan said...

Well, the only Harley's I've ridden (or wanted to ride) are those old, long-gone phat-phatis in Delhi. I can't remember whether it was the mango season then.

As for spammer raghuram, I find these guys amusing... "visit me my blog" has a sort of poetic ring to it that you don't associate with the blogosphere. Perhaps one of these days I will indeed visit him his blog in search of more such quaint phrasings. Or maybe not.

Krithika Ramalingam said...

I would better km's offer... your wife can ride the harley and you could eat the mangoes. (Now that she can't :-) - your wife

Rahul Siddharthan said...

You ungrateful Honda owner... that bike has served you faithfully for years, through rough and smooth, and yet you hanker after Harleys.