Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Airtel wants me to chat with young boys and girls

I saw this message after sending a text from my Airtel mobile. Words fail me.

In case the text is unreadable, it says: "SMS cost 0.30 INR Bal 452.20 INR. Mobile Chat! Call 543216 & chat with young boys & girls from Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai." It continues, if you scroll down, "Charges at Rs 2/min." The blue dot is the light of my computer's webcam -- the only available device I had to capture the message before it vanished.

Maybe I should give Airtel the benefit of the doubt and assume they're not promoting paedophilia -- but it sounds plenty sleazy regardless. But, just in case they are promoting paedophilia, I'm alerting some activists, as well as putting up this blog post.


Arun said...

Its indeed sleazy but I guess they dont mean children, but just girls and boys. Hanlon's razor can be applied I feel.

km said...


Their copywriter probably thinks "chat with young boys & girls" = "hang out with people of your age".

Khalil Sawant said...

I used to get messages like "Chat with Asians"
The didnt know I did that every-day :D:D
Basically everyone I know around is Asian (by virtue of being India).