Friday, August 21, 2009

Mercy droppeth from heaven

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, convicted of the bombing of Pan-Am flight 103 over Lockerbie in 1985 and in a Scottish jail since 2001, was released by Scotland yesterday on compassionate grounds: he is dying of cancer and has three months to live. Megrahi himself has always claimed to be innocent.

The relatives of US victims, as quoted in the media, are all furious. The relatives of the UK victims, on the other hand, are mostly supportive of the release, and several in fact remain unconvinced of Megrahi's guild.

The reaction of the US establishment has been equally furious, from the President down, but they were powerless.

Sample quote: "There is simply no justification for releasing this convicted terrorist whose actions took the lives of 270 individuals." (US attorney general Eric Holder)

Well, what about another terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, against whom there is considerably stronger evidence that he masterminded the bombing of Cubana flight 455 in 1976, as well as numerous other terror attacks? Oh, but he was fighting the Castro regime in Cuba. He must be one of the good guys.


jasonbradyut said...

What, a…are we now giving out FREE Lunches? Since when??? Hey, I’m sorry for his cancer, but one never knows truly how much longer they can live…his last death wish may even be to do another “killing of Americans” deed. These people don’t care, but only to KILL America. They hate us…

km said...

I'm conflicted about the verdict (and about our dear Prez's reaction.)

It is a deep moral/theological conundrum. Something to think about.

gaddeswarup said...

Hints here Suspected oil deal taints bomber's release

Kiran said...


I arrived here from your comments on This is a very good post. Although I would not want to comment on the release by Scotland Yard since I do not have any idea whether Abdelbaset was guilty or not; I do join you in questioning the double standards; w.r.t the Cubana Flight 455 incident.

Thats where the entire problem lies - the rulers and ruling govts the world over are indulging in plain double standards over everything - power, oil, fuel, terrorism, arms, security - you name it. Where are we headed?