Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Hillary Strangelove"

I was looking for a US media response to Hillary Clinton's recent threat to "obliterate" a country that has not been the aggressor in any war in living memory, a civilisation a few millennia older than her own, in the hypothetical event of its launching a nuclear attack on Israel. Other than this strong editorial in the Boston Globe, which compares her with the Kubrick movie character and concludes by rubbishing her 3AM ad, I don't see very much out there.

Let me amend the above. Even if Iran had been a johnny-come-lately country with no history or culture to speak of and even if it had been the aggressor in several recent wars, that still wouldn't be a reason to kill every single man, woman and child living there.

The only remotely reasonable explanation -- which some Clinton spinmeisters are hinting at -- is that this is not a serious threat, but a strategy: "Let's convince the Iranians that we're so batshit crazy that we will do anything."

No, let me amend that too. It is not a remotely reasonable explanation. There isn't one.

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km said...

So much for the theory that if women ruled this world, there would be no wars.

/not a flame.

//Billary is scary.