Friday, February 22, 2008

Incredible India

Three links from Tehelka:

The incarceration of Binayak Sen, a doctor with Gandhian ideals who's worked for the poor all his life. (More links at km's.)

The cleanliness of Guruvayur temple. We may debate their habit of doing purifying rituals when non-Hindus enter, but the visitors -- Hindus or not -- had better disinfect themselves thoroughly after they leave.

Why is Taslima Nasreen a prisoner? (Others have been asking, too.)

And, via Abi, the latest in a long list of plagiarism scandals in Indian academia. Apparently the university is sufficiently concerned to slap the professor concerned severely on the wrist. But they won't fire him (they say they can't).

Why am I supposed to be proud to be Indian? Maybe because we have a free press. For now. When it's not self-censoring.

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