Monday, May 21, 2007

Thicker than water, if less substantial

The Hindu -- on a good day, one of the more readable newspapers in India -- is a family-run enterprise, and on most days you can find a story or two of little news value, that has clearly been inserted because of some connection with someone in The Family. (A minor example in today's paper is this one.)

But even so, this story seems rather brazen. It's the most prominent on the back page of today's Madurai edition, but the web site calls it "Front Page", which perhaps it is in other editions. And its news value? You'll have to read to the last paragraph to find out.

(As the astute reader will have divined, I'm away at the moment, so posting is slow. Normal irregular service will resume in a few days.)

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Abi said...

I don't know if you noticed: the Hindu also publishes utterly uninteresting things about this and that in the life of another Very Important Person: Subramaniam Swamy! The most recent one was about his summer visit (for lectures!) to Harvard ...