Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Living IISc

This one is for IIScians, past and present. Actually no, it's for anyone interested in photography and wildlife.

For some years Natasha Mhatre has been documenting the flora and, especially, fauna of the lush, wooded campus of the Indian Institute of Science; "The Living IISc" is the name of her online archive of photos.

Now, it turns out, she's planning a book, tentatively called "Secret Lives". A sample chapter is available, and she outlines her plans and is looking for inputs and suggestions.

Those of us who've been at IISc will certainly be amazed at how much we didn't observe. Thank you, Natasha, for documenting it all. I certainly hope that the book ends up being an official publication of the institute, whose centennial is coming up.

And the dealer wants you thinking that it’s either black or white.
Thank G-d it’s not that simple in my secret life.
(Leonard Cohen)

As for IISc's secret lives, they're a complex riot of colour.

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