Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Republicans will win

Mark my words. In the upcoming elections, the Republicans will retain control of both houses in the US, and will very likely increase their majority. They will also win the presidential elections in 2008.

Not because the people voted for them, but because the manufacturers of the voting machines did.

This is not news: researchers at Princeton, Johns Hopkins and elsewhere have highlighted problems with Diebold machines for years (as I wrote recently). But America's craven media have refused to report on it: only now are a few reluctant articles appearing in mainstream newspapers.

Diebold's CEO was on record back in 2003 saying he was committed to delivering Ohio's presidential votes to the Republicans. There's no reason to think that commitment has changed.

Yes, people do unintentionally write buggy software and make defective hardware. But to screw up on this scale requires malice. There is no mistake in what Diebold are doing. It's all going according to plan for them, except for the occasional squawks of protest from researchers at east coast universities, that Diebold figure they can safely ignore.

After all, what can the skeptical eggheads do? The best they can do is mount a legal challenge, and hope it goes all the way up to the Supreme Court -- the court that originally voted Bush in.

UPDATE: Why tamper with the machine? Just say the Democratic candidate's full name won't fit on the screen and leave out his last name (but leave in his nickname, so he's now James H. "Jim").

I'll believe that's an accidental error when it happens with Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Tabula Rasa said...

i was going to post on this - you beat me to it again :-)

Rahul Siddharthan said...

Go ahead and post -- the more the merrier

KissFM said...

well your blog prophecy has been turned wrong