Saturday, September 02, 2006

Taking the "we" out of "weblog"

I'm not new to reading blogs---I've been on slashdot since, well, I don't remember but I have a 4-digit ID there so it must be long long ago. And in the intervening years I've started regularly reading a bunch of other blogs (both individual and news-aggregation sites.) But I didn't think of starting blogging till quite recently. What held me back was the thought that I had nothing interesting to say. But now I realise that there are other blogs that say nothing, but are interesting anyway.

That, and I like the name beta blogger. Sounds (especially to Tamil speakers) like a drug to control hypertension.

I tend to mix work and non-work pretty freely, and this is good when work is exciting: I get a lot done very quickly. But at other times I end up surfing the net much of the day. So I recently declared to myself that I will not do non-work-related surfing during working hours. (Let's see how long that lasts). Therefore, this is likely to be a bedtime blog (hence the title, borrowed from Mingus). (And---due acknowledgement---the title of this post comes from User Friendly.)

So much for me and my motivations for blogging. My future entries will be about other things.

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Anonymous said...

Resolutions are meant for the resolute, why bother with them! And for the Hindi speaker, darling, beta blocker is a man who wants to control his son. Nonetheless, here is to knowing more about you... krithika