Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Inverse Turing Test?

The basic idea of the Turing Test is that if, after an extended (written) conversation with a human and a computer, you cannot tell which is which, you must conclude that the computer possesses human-like intelligence.

But what if you want to test a human's intelligence, by comparing with computer-generated responses? Consider the Sarah Palin interview generator and compare with her actual answers..


Szerelem said...

Three things -
That site is such a gem.
That woman is very scary.
I really want Joe Biden to kick her ass on Oct 2.

Sunil D'Monte said...

Very scathing article about her from Rolling Stone magazine --

Rahul Siddharthan said...

szerelem -- Biden should just give her enough rope. Unfortunately he is just as likely to shoot his mouth off, make a fool of himself and give her an escape route.

sunil - that article was written after her convention speech, when Republicans were ecstatic at their new saviour and Democrats were despondent. Taibbi may be a bit more optimistic now (or maybe not).

Tabula Rasa said...

brilliant, thanks!

(i too think that what biden needs to do is talk as little as possible, and stick to the facts.)

Anonymous said...

What? Homer Simpson doesn't have the smallest brain in America?

wildflower seed said...
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wildflower seed said...

Rahul, I am not sure if you pay attention to right-wing commentators, but the more thoughtful ones like David Frum offer a fairly balanced take on her. The Economist is hopping mad with McCain for having picked her.

Rahul Siddharthan said...

I subscribe to the Economist, and came across Frum's comments on Andrew Sullivan's blog (where also I saw this -- belated hat-tip). Also Kathleen Parker, who initially supported Palin, spoke out strongly. And George Will has actually come out strongly against McCain (for his "I'd fire the SEC chairman" comment). It's a sinking ship, but there are millions who will still vote Republican because it's written in the Bible.